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Request the government of China immediately withdraw its HD-981 oil rig and other vessels out of Vietnam’s EEZ

We_the_People_logo[ndlr] Une pétition, adressée au gouvernement américain, a été mise en ligne hier sur le site de la Maison Blanche pour traiter de la question du forage chinois dans les Paracels. Les internautes disposent d’un mois pour atteindre les 100.000 signatures requises.

China has been using the unfounded nine-dashed line to claim ownership over the entire East Sea (South China Sea), which has absolutely no legal basis. China has been ignoring the international law and the world community and using that nine-dashed line to harass smaller countries in the region. On May 02, 2014, China placed oil rig HD-981 in Vietnam’s Exclusive Economic Zone with a flotilla of 80 military ships to ships, attacking Vietnamese patrol vessels working in the area.The world needs peace in the East Sea, and the United States has great interest in freedom of navigation in the East Sea. Peace will have a better chance to survive in the East Sea if the President of the United States weighs in the East Sea problem and requests that China stop its provocative and belligerent acts.

Source : We The People