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1975 ex-VNAF Medical Engineer reeducation document

[ndlr] Le site Imnaha Stamps rassemble une collection de documents uniques sur la République du Viêt-Nam (Sud). Le document présenté ci-dessous est un certificat de rééducation émis sous la République du Sud Viêt-Nam (mai 1975- juillet 1976) par le Comité militaire en charge de la gestion de la ville de Saigon – Gia Dinh (Ủy ban Quân quản thành phố Sài Gòn – Gia định) mis en place le 7 mai 1975 par les nouvelles autorités communistes.

On 3 May 1975, just three days after the fall of Saigon on 30 April, the Communist Vietnamese government issued “Order Number One” requiring all citizens of the former Republic of Viet Nam to register with the new regime. Military personnel were among those targeted for reeducation or “thought reform” in addition to registration, the length of which depended on Communist perceived degrees of “guilt.”

Figure 8: 1975 ex-VNAF Medical Engineer reeducation document
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Figure 8 shows a Communist South Viet Nam (Cong Hoa Mien Nam Viet Nam) document ordering a former VNAF Medical Engineer of rank private (“Binh Nhi”) to report for reeducation.

Most noncommissioned officers and privates were generally released after several days of reeducation classes. High-ranking officers and those who had served in intelligence, marine, airborne and ranger units were not so lucky. Those sent to reeducation camps faced hard labor, persistent hunger and daily indoctrination sessions; many ex-military personnel spent more than a decade in the camps and a large number did not survive the duration.

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