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Dr. Sinh Vinh (1944-2014) [Alberta University] – Vĩnh Sính

Dr. Sinh Vinh (1944-2014)


The Department of History and Classics and the University of Alberta community deeply mourn Professor Sinh Vinh, who passed away on January 1, 2014 at the age of sixty-nine.  He is survived by his loving wife, Kyoko, son, Tan, and daughter-in-law, Grace.

In Hue, Vietnam, Professor Sinh Vinh was born into the royal family that ruled Vietnam’s last dynasty, the Nguyen (1802-1945).  He was educated in Tokyo and at the University of Toronto, where he obtained his MA and PhD degrees in Japanese history.  The University of Alberta benefited from three decades of his teaching of Japanese and Vietnamese history, and the world recognized his prolific and ground-breaking scholarship that produced over a dozen books and translations in English, French and Vietnamese.  His books, among which are Phan Chau Trinh and His Political Writings (2009) and The Future Japan (1989), won many awards, including the Canada-ASEAN Southeast Asia Policy Paper Award in 1993 and the Canada Council’s Canada-Japan Book Award in 1990.  In addition, Professor Vinh wrote about seventy articles and numerous reviews and conference papers.

In scholarship and teaching, as well as in his personal life, Professor Sinh Vinh was a true Confucian gentleman (junzi) with keen interests in poetry and music.  He was generous to all; he nourished his students and inspired them and his colleagues with his moral fortitude and steadfast resolve.  Despite a debilitating stroke, he continued to teach until his retirement several years ago.  His last class, a senior Japanese history course, attracted the full enrollment of fifty-five students.  His scholarship never stopped, and he just recently completed the manuscript for his last book, “Komatsu Kiyoshi – Japanese Activist Adventurer in French Indochina”.

Professor Sinh Vinh’s character was strong and inspiring — like the lofty pine against the frosty winter of blowing snow.  And it was on such a day, hours into the New Year, when he left quietly.

Written by Jennifer W. Jay
University of Alberta

Source : H-Asia & Alberta University, 13/01/2014.

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Triste nouvelle – Tin buồn: Giáo sư Vĩnh Sính (1944-2014)

VinhSinhNous avons appris tardivement comme d’autres la très triste nouvelle de la disparition à 70 ans du Professeur Vĩnh Sính, historien et spécialiste des relations vietnamo-japonaises. Comme le souligne Tran Huu Dung sur le site Dien Dan – Forum, il y a des pertes inconsolables. Celle de Vĩnh Sính le 1er janvier 2014 en est une.

Professeur émérite à l’Université d’Alberta au Canada, Vĩnh Sính laisse derrière lui une série de travaux importants sur le mouvement Dong Du au début du XXe siècle, sur le révolutionnaire Phan Boi Chau et le moderniste Phan Châu Trinh. Il fut également l’un des premiers à s’intéresser à l’itinéraire de Komatsu Kiyoshi, ami des révolutionnaires et indépendantistes vietnamiens.

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Sources : Tin buồn: Giáo sư Vĩnh Sính (1944-2014), Dan Luan, 05/01/2014 & Vĩnh Sính (1944-2014), Dien Dan – Forum.

Voir aussi Tran Huu Dung, Nhớ Vĩnh Sính, Dien Dan – Forum, 07/01/2014.


Hommage de Edward Miller, Associate Professor of History, Dartmouth College

This is indeed a terrible loss.  I first got to know Prof. Sinh via email when I was in graduate school.  At the time, I was working on a paper on Confucianism in South Vietnam.  Quite presumptuously, I emailed him a great many questions about the subject out of the blue.  He graciously sent detailed replies to each query.  In the years after that, Prof. Sinh continued to be exceedingly generous with his time and expertise on modern Vietnamese politics and culture, and he often went out of his way to share his research and published work with me.  He will be greatly missed.