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U.S. veteran leads clean-up of Vietnam War’s lethal remnants [video]

[ndlr] La chaîne PBS Newshour propose une courte interview du vétéran américain Chuck Searcy et un aperçu de son travail de terrain consistant à désamorcer et retirer les bombes UXO qui restent incruster dans la terre des rizières de la province de Quảng Trị. Une belle initiative à souligner.

Chuck Searcy © 2014 PBS Newshour

There are still ongoing lethal consequences of the Vietnam War that ended in 1975. Undetonated “bomblets,” dropped by the U.S. military during the conflict, are killing and maiming people who discover them by accident. To help close a painful chapter in history, American veteran Chuck Searcy has made bomb removal and education his humanitarian mission. Special correspondent Mike Cerre reports.

A US soldier searches for his Vietnamese son – by Sue Lloyd Roberts

[ndlr] 40 ans après la guerre, un Américain, vétéran du Viêt-Nam part à la recherche de son fils à Ho Chi Minh-Ville. Un périple qui le mène de Saigon au New Mexico aux États-Unis. Reportage et article de Sue Lloyd Roberts.

Thousands of children were fathered by American servicemen during the Vietnam war. Now in their 60s and 70s, some veterans are desperate to find the sons and daughters they have never known.

A tall, thin American wearing a straw hat wanders through the narrow streets of Ho Chi Minh City, clutching a photo album. At his side is a Vietnamese interpreter and fixer, Hung Phan, who has helped dozens of former American soldiers locate their long-lost children over the last 20 years. His latest client, the American under the straw hat, is Jerry Quinn. He has come to Vietnam to find his son.

Read more : BBC News, 26/04/2014.

Jerry and his girlfriend, Brandy, before they were parted © 2014 BBC