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Frictions and Fictions – Intercultural encounters and frontier imaginaries in upland Southeast Asia [parution]

[ndlr] Parution d’un numéro spécial de la revue The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology consacré aux régions montagneuses de l’Asie du Sud-Est. Contributions de : Oliver Tappe, Bradley Camp Davis, Jean Michaud, Oscar Salemink, Pierre Petit, Patrick Guiness.


Résumé de l’introduction d’Oliver Tappe :

The culturally heterogeneous uplands of Southeast Asia constitute a zone of encounters and relations across cultural difference. The Introduction to this Special Issue lays out key themes that encompass the questions addressed by the individual essays. Moreover, it discusses concepts—such as frontier and friction—that inform some of the case studies presented in this issue. The combination of historical and anthropological approaches is aimed at exploring the complex social, political and cultural configurations in upland Southeast Asia.

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