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Talk Vietnam – Catherine Karnow and her photos of Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap

[ndlr] Message de Catherine Karnow, fille de l’historien et journaliste Stanley Karnow, nous invitant à regarder le documentaire consacré à son travail de photographe auprès du Général Vo Nguyen Giap et de sa famille.


Dear Friends and Clients,

I am proud to share with you a wonderful documentary made by Talk Vietnam, on my photography and long time friendship with the late General Giap and his family, for the 60th Anniversary of Dien Bien Phu.

General Giap master-minded this historic battle, which gave Vietnam its independence from the French, after 60 plus years of colonial rule.

The show, which is in English, will air on May 7th in Vietnam, Anniversary day.

You are invited to watch an exclusive viewing here:


Catherine Karnow