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Bourdieu aujourd’hui: entretien avec l’historien, Blaise Wilfert-Portal [2012]

mediapart[ndlr] Pour illustrer notre propos lors de la séance introductive du séminaire, voici un petit rappel des liens possibles entre histoire et sociologie, en l’occurrence ici celle de Pierre Bourdieu. Retour sur la notion de champ, espace social de position, et questionnement autour des notions de monde social et d’État national.


Bourdieu aujourd’hui: entretien avec l… par Mediapart

A l’occasion des dix ans de la mort de Pierre Bourdieu et de la parution de son cours « Sur l’Etat », Mediapart a interrogé de jeunes chercheurs sur l’actualité de la pensée du sociologue. Ici, l’historien, Blaise Wilfert-Portal, maître de conférences à l’Ecole Normale Supérieure.

Profil de Blaise Wilfert-Portal (ENS)

The 2014 AAS Annual Conference: Philadelphia – Panels on Southeast Asia

[ndlr] La grande conférence annuelle de l’Association for Asian Studies se déroulera du jeudi 27 mars au dimanche 30 mars 2014 à Philadelphie. Aperçu des différents panels de cette année sur l’Asie du Sud-Est.

AAS-AnnualConf_2014Cliquez sur l’image pour accéder au programme complet en ligne

Southeast Asia

40. Cambodian Ceramics, Settlement Patterns, and Environmental Adaptation. Sponsored by Center for Khmer Studies. John Miksic, National University of Singapore

144. Center for Lao Studies: Changing Faces of Lao Communities. Vinya Sysamouth, Center for Lao Studies

42. Changing Dynamics of the Burma/Myanmar’s Borderlands: Historical and Ethnographic Perspectives. Yoko Hayami, Kyoto University

209. Connected and Local Histories of Arakan: New Textual and Epigraphic Studies. Sponsored by Burma Studies Group. Christian Lammerts, Rutgers University

142. Constructions of Childhoods in Colonial and Post-Colonial Vietnam. Olga Dror, Texas A&M University

210. Dien Bien Phu: Long Histories and Contested Futures. Sponsored by Vietnam Studies Group. Christian Lentz, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

341. Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy in Southeast Asia: Implications for Regional Order (ROUNDTABLE). Ann Marie Murphy, Seton Hall University

109. Ghosts, Magic, and Healing in Thailand. Justin McDaniel, University of Pennsylvania

279. Global City’s Dharma: Buddhism and Modernity in Singapore. Jack Meng-Tat Chia, Cornell University

111. Hanoi’s Domestic and International Challenges during the Vietnam War. Pierre Asselin, Hawaii Pacific University

312. Imagining Indonesia’s Forests: A Multidisciplinary Discussion on Forest Use, Perception, and Change across the Archipelago. Sponsored by The American Institute for Indonesian Studies (AIFIS). Rebakah Daro Minarchek, Cornell University

246. Inhabiting the Shadows: Political, Economic, and Cultural Repertoires in Contemporary Cambodia. Sponsored by Center for Khmer Studies. Andrew Mertha, Cornell University

247. Masculinities and Femininities in the Indonesian Islamic Revival. Sponsored by Indonesian and East Timor Studies Committee (IETSC). Nancy Smith-Hefner, Boston University

178. Migration, ‘Illegality’ and Citizenship in Contemporary Malaysia. Catherine Allerton, London School of Economics

314. Mortuary Ritual and Material Culture in Southeast Asia. Alison Carter, University of Wisconsin-Madison

80. Myanmar: The Dynamics of Positive Change (ROUNDTABLE). David Steinberg, Georgetown University

245. New Histories of Vietnamese Political Parties, 1920-1955. Haydon Cherry, North Carolina State University

79. New Media and Malaysia’s 2013 Election. Ross Tapsell, The Australian National University

143. New Perspectives on the Chinese in the Modern Colonial Philippines. Justin Jackson, Columbia University

18. Political Dynasty in Indonesia: Family Networks, Personality Politics and the Pursuit of Democracy. Jemma Purdey, Deakin University

9. Postcolonial Nation-Building in Southeast Asia During the Cold War. Sinae Hyun, University of Wisconsin-Madison

280. Post-Conflict Issues in Aceh, Poso and Ambon: Individuals, NGOs, and Local Governments. Sponsored by Indonesian and East Timor Studies Committee (IETSC). Julie Chernov Hwang, Goucher College

131. Practicing Politics in Malaysia and Singapore. Sponsored by Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Study Group. Eric Thompson, National University of Singapore

78. Queer Southeast Asia: States, Markets, and Media. Sponsored by Southeast Asia Council. Peter Jackson, Australian National University

41. Reconfiguring Informality: Space and Livelihood Remapped in East and Southeast Asian Cities. B. Lynne Milgram, OCAD University

179. Refashioning Identities: The Politics of Dress in Early Modern Southeast Asia. Leslie Woodhouse, UC Berkeley

343. Rethinking Affect, Emotion, and Sentiment in post-reform Vietnam. Allen Tran, Bucknell College

177. Rethinking Philippine Studies through Histories of Money and Finance: New Perspectives on Colonialism, Nationalism, and Democracy. Sponsored by Philippine Studies Group. Allan Lumba, Harvard University

342. Sharia Dynamics: Everyday Life and Sociopolitical Conflict (Double Panel). Timothy Daniels, Hofstra University

211. Southeast Asian Language Programs: Current State and Future Opportunities for Collaboration. Sponsored by COTSEAL. Ellen Rafferty, University of Wisconsin-Madison

10. Speculative Orientations in Economic Life in Southeast Asia (Part 1). Sarah Grant, University of California, Riverside

176. The Expansion of the Notion of Indigenous Identity in Southeast Asia. Sponsored by Thailand, Lao and Cambodia (TLC) Group. Ian Baird, University of Wisconsin-Madison

313. The Future of ASEAN and New Member States with a Special Focus on Thailand (ROUNDTABLE). Pram Sousamout, Chulalongkorn University

175. The ‘Losers’ of Southeast Asia – Histories, Societies, and States outside the Center. Taylor Easum, New York University

212. When is Politics? Islam and the Idea of ‘the Political’ in Indonesian Studies. Sponsored by IETSC. Richard Fox, Universität Heidelberg

110. Where History and Archaeology Intersect: Southeast Asian Case Studies. Sponsored by Southeast Asia Council. Nam Kim, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Miriam Stark, University of Hawai’i-Manoa

Source : AAS Annual Conference

Programme complet en ligne : Digital Asian Studies ou AAS