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Three Policemen, Civilian Killed in Clash Over Land Near Vietnam’s Capital [RFA]

Une violente confrontation au village de Dông Tâm n’a pu être évitée. On déplore au minimum 4 morts.

Three Policemen, Civilian Killed in Clash Over Land Near Vietnam’s Capital

Paul Eckert

UPDATED at 11:08 A.M. ET on 2020-01-09

Three policemen and a civilian were killed Thursday as farmers threw grenades and petrol bombs at police in the latest flare-up of a long-running dispute over a military airport construction site near Vietnam’s capital Hanoi, state media said.

“On Thursday morning, some people resisted, using hand-grenades, petrol bombs and knives to attack police forces, fighting officers on duty and disrupting public order,” the online VN Express quoted the Ministry of Public Security as saying.

“As a result, three policemen and a civilian died, and another person was injured,” it said, adding that “authorities have launched an investigation into the case and have arrested the lawbreakers,” the ministry said.

VN Express quoted To An Xo, a spokesman for the ministry, as saying Dong Tam commune was under control and police forces remain at the scene to maintain stability.

A woman who had just escaped from Dong Tam told RFA’s Vietnamese Service police were destroying the house of an elderly farmer who had been at the center of the land dispute and arresting his relatives.

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