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SBS’s interactive graphic novel : The Boat brings Vietnamese refugee experience to life

[ndlr] Roman graphique interactif réalisé par Huynh Matt, adaptation de la nouvelle de Nam Le « The Boat ».

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White sticks of rain spear down across the screen. A ship dips toward a swelling grey ocean as the crane on its deck swings recklessly about. Wind howls, thunder cracks. A black cloud lingers above. The boat is sinking. « Scroll down » to see what happens next.

The Vietnamese refugee experience comes to vivid, harrowing life in The Boat, an interactive online graphic novel based on Nam Le’s short story about a 16-year-old refugee sent off alone by her parents after the fall of Saigon. As she moves from boat to camp, readers scroll through ink panels – Mai on a sun-starched deck; seagulls stalking the top of the ocean for fish – to sounds designed by Animal Kingdom‘s Sam Petty. Click an image and you may be treated to archival imagery as the story dives into a character’s memory.

Illustrated by New York-based Sydney artist Matt Huynh​ – whose parents, like Le’s, fled Vietnam after the war – The Boat forms part of SBS’s commemoration of 40 years of Vietnamese resettlement in Australia.

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