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The Pre-Eminent Historian of War Gabriel Kolko, 1932-2014

gabriel-kolko[ndlr] Annonce de la disparition de Gabriel Kolko, célèbre historien de la guerre et auteur d’ “Anatomie d’une guerre” un des premiers ouvrages clés sur le conflit vietnamien publié en 1985. Il poursuivit son investigation sur le Viêt-Nam avec “Anatomie d’une paix” publié en 1997.

Son ouvrage Anatomy of a war fut publié en deux volumes en vietnamien sous le titre de : Giải phẫu một cuộc chiến tranh. Việt Nam, Mỹ và kinh nghiệm lịch sử hiện đại.

We received word this morning that our friend and long-time CounterPunch writer Gabriel Kolko died yesterday at his home in Amsterdam. Kolko, author of The Triumph of Conservatism, Anatomy of a War: the United States, Vietnam and the Modern Historical Experience, and Century of War: Politics, Conflicts and Society Since 1914, was one of the pre-eminent historians of our time. Kolko was born in Paterson, New Jersey in 1932. He attended Kent State University and received his doctorate in history from Harvard.  Along with Saul Landau, Kolko was one of the circle of historians trained at University of Wisconsin by the great William Appleman Williams. Kolko taught history for many years at York University in Toronto. He moved to Amsterdam soon after his retirement. Kolko’s books on the progressive era, the Cold War, Vietnam and the war on terror stand as some of the most trenchant and revealing documents of our time. For the past few years, Gabe had been working feverishly on an assessment of Vietnam in the decades after the war. Kolko had a profound influence on my thinking and it was a privilege to publish his writing over the last 15 years. A fuller appraisal of Kolko’s life and work is forthcoming.

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Nhà sử học Gabriel KOLKO, người bạn lớn của Việt Nam, đã từ trần ngày 19.5.2014