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End of Empire: 100 days in 1945 that changed Asia and the world [NIAS]

[ndlr] Présentation par Gerald Jackson du projet End Of Empire porté par le Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS) à Copenhague. Le projet retrace les 100 jours qui ont fait basculer l’Asie en 1945. Il s’adresse à un large public et s’affiche comme un support de référence pour l’enseignement. Actuellement plus de cent chercheurs participent au projet sous la direction de David Chandler, Li Narangoa et Robert Cribb. Le site a été mis en place sous la supervision de David Patrick Stuligross.

Colleagues working on the recent history of Asia may be interested to hear of the recent launch of the End of Empire website (, which publishes day by day ‘real-time broadcasts’ of what happened in Asia at the end of World War II. The site combines daily events with commentary, photographs, maps, personal accounts and other material plus links to resources found elsewhere.

Aiming to balance the focus on European events in global public discussions and reminiscences of World War II, the project focuses on a brief, 100-day period at the end of the war across a broad sweep of eastern Asia – a time when the Indonesian and Vietnamese revolutions were born, the fragile wartime truce between Communists and Nationalists in China began to fray, and the first steps were made in Japan towards a new democratic order.

The website is part of a radical, multi-faceted project to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the war’s end and its immediate aftermath. This is done not just via the website but also in printed and electronic publications plus via social media.

Nor does the project simply present existing scholarship. It also actively reaches beyond the academic world to encourage non-academics to come forward with primary source material unknown to historians and often limited to their own private circles.

Here, perhaps, is a model for scholarly publishing and learning that both exploits new technologies and retains traditional standards.

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