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Malcolm Browne, Horst Fass and Roy Essoyan: the men who documented the Vietnam War

© 1963 Associated Press

Former Associated Press correspondent and photographer Malcolm Browne, best known for his award-winning image of a Vietnamese Buddhist monk who set himself ablaze in political protest, has died aged 81. Browne’s death follows the recent passing of Associated Press writer Roy Essoyan, correspondent George Esper, and photographer Horst Faas. All were part of the same generation of journalists who documented the Vietnam War. Here, we celebrate their work.

Browne (above), Saigon correspondent for the Associated Press, poses in front of his photo of a Vietnamese Buddhist monk’s fiery suicide after the image was selected as the world’s best news picture of the year at the Seventh World Press Photo contest in The Hague, Netherlands in 1963.

Source et galerie complète : The Telegraph

Vietnam War Combat Photographers Reunite

May 01, 2012 via LinkAsia

Nick Ut (above, left) of the Associated Press took one of the Vietnam War’s most iconic photos, of Kim Phuc (above, right) running from a napalm attack. On the other side of the conflict, Doan Cong Tinh of the Vietnam People’s Army Newspaper, was also snapping award-winning images. As Vietnamese broadcaster VTV4 reports, the two are now close friends.

Source : LinkAsia