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Chip : Learn365Project – Timeline for all events related to the fish deaths in Vietnam

[ndlr] Avis de la parution d’une page d’information (sur le site de Chip) dédiée à l’affaire des poissons morts du Viêt-Nam.

For those of you who don’t already know, recently there has been some social unrest in Vietnam. A lot of people went out on the street to protest over the mass fish death and the way the government has been handling the situation. As is the case with unrest, there are a lot of people spreading rumors and causing even more unrest. I think it might be helpful to just look at the facts. Below is a complete timeline of all those events: from when the fish started dying on April 6 to today. I only quoted accredited newspapers, and I don’t include rumors spread on social media. Please let me know if there is something I’m missing.

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Image “à la une” : Mass fish death central coast region © EPA