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[à lire] Democratic Kampuchea’s Genocide of the Cham – Julie Thi Underhill

Woman in Svay Khleang, during conversation about the village's history © Julie Thi Underhill
Woman in Svay Khleang, during conversation about the village’s history © Julie Thi Underhill

[ndlr] Publié sur la revue en ligne diaCRITICS il y a presque trois ans nous vous recommandons cet essai de Julie Thi Underhill sur le destin des populations cham pendant la période du Kampuchéa Démocratique des Khmers rouges. L’article est accompagné de 13 photos prises pour la plupart dans le village de O Russei (province de Kampong Chhnang) et à Svay Khleang dans le district de Krauch Chhmar (province de Kampong Cham) le long du Mékong. Nous remercions le professeur Nguyen The Anh de nous avoir signalé ce document.

The Cham are descendants of Champa, a longstanding kingdom that that once occupied most of today’s central Việt Nam—roughly from Quảng Bình to Đồng Nai provinces. Beginning in the late fifteenth century, the Cham fled Vietnamese incursions into northern Champa, finding refuge in southern Champa and in the successive Buddhist kingdoms that emerged after the fall of Angkor. Some Cham territory in Việt Nam remained intact, in gradually eroding parcels, until 1832. The Cham in Cambodia lived in relative peace until the 1970s, when they were targeted by the Khmer Rouge. For five hundred years now, in both Việt Nam and Cambodia, only some Cham have survived the most perilous conditions. However, international attention has never settled upon any Cham community until now, in the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia, more casually known as the Khmer Rouge tribunal. In Phnom Penh, the tribunal currently considers whether the well- documented persecutions of the Cham in Cambodia do indeed provide sufficient evidence of the Khmer Rouge’s intent to destroy them, in whole or in part.

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  • Essay and photographs by Julie Thi Underhill, managing editor of diaCRITICS and artist, photographer, filmmaker, writer, and historian. She is currently a doctoral candidate at University of California Berkeley in the department of ethnic studies, where she specializes in Cham studies, diasporic studies, Asian American film/video, Asian American history, and transnational feminisms.