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Pham Doang Trang : Unfair Elections in Vietnam. How the Communist Party Manipulates the Process

[ndlr] Rapport en ligne de la blogueuse Pham Doan Trang sur les réalités du processus de désignation des candidats pour les élections de la future Assemblée nationale de la RSVN. Éloquent et intéressant.


This report provides an insight into the 2016 legislative elections in Vietnam, with an analysis of the political system and electoral process and how they are used to restrict the citizens’ right to participation. It also gives accounts of harassment and rights violations against the independent candidates who, for the first time in the country’s history, courageously speak out against the repressive system by standing for an election in which they see no chance of winning. Restriction of freedoms of movement, expression and assembly, intimidation and harassment by the police, defamation by the propagandists and the biased media are some among many forms of rights violation. Besides, the independent candidates are subjected to public haranguing in “meetings with constituents” which appear to be a procedure unique to China and Vietnam. The analysis and accounts highlight the conclusion that the legislative elections in Vietnam are not free and fair ones under the rule of the Vietnamese Communist Party. Steps should be taken to bring about a legal and political reform in the country to ensure promote human rights, of which the rights to participation are critical.

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Image “à la une” : Affiche de propagande de la province de Yên Bái pour la prochaine élection.