Charles Keith: Subjects and SojournersCharles Keith. A History of Indochinese in France [parution]

Signalement d’une nouvelle étude de Charles Keith, “une histoire des Indochinois en France”. Présentation de l’éditeur.

During the era of French colonial rule in Indochina, as many as two hundred thousand Indochinese sojourned in France. Subjects and Sojourners is a vivid and comprehensive social, cultural, and political history of this diverse group, which ranged from ruling monarchs to the most marginal laborers. Drawing from a range of rich but underused archives, Charles Keith explores how French colonialism extended Indochina’s colonial society into France, where Indochinese subjects studied, labored, fought, and lived in imperial spaces and contexts that were profoundly different from those they had left behind. Time in France transformed these sojourners, and when they returned to Indochina, they in turn transformed colonial society. Indochinese, in short, did not simply encounter “France” in the colony: they went and lived it for themselves.

Charles Keith is Associate Professor of History at Michigan State University.

Source : University of California Press :

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