Lucien Trong : Vietnam, Red Hell My Love

[ndlr] A l’approche du 30 avril, Lucien Trong nous fait part des traductions anglaise et vietnamienne de son témoignage Enfer rouge, mon amour, paru en France en 1980.

This is the translation of « Enfer rouge Mon amour ». More than thirty years after April 30th 1975 (Day of fall or liberation of Saigon ? national day of hatred ?). It’s about Vietnam, re-education camp, Boat People and Ideology war. Let the readers have the judgement. Just remember that all wars are dirty. And because this book would not exist without your help : thank you the United Nations, thank you the free World, thank you Malaysia, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, U.K, Japan… thank you France for creating “Ile de lumière” “Island of light”, the name of the boat that doctor Bernard Kouchner from “Médecins Sans Frontière” doctors without boundaries, sent to rescue the boat-people. This proved that we still are humans, and that we still deserve to be helped. We the boat-people symbolize somewhat the price we had to pay to be free : our own life. Thank you.


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