The boys and girls from Vung Tau, Vietnam – Van Cam Quach

The story of the boys and girls, in the photo taken in Vung Tau Vietnam in 1968, came to Australia as boat people in 1981 and 1983.

The Boat People is the story of the author and her dysfunctional family of three parents and twelve children and the hardship that they experienced living and growing up in a war torn Vietnam, as well as the discrimination they endured under the new communist regime because of their father’s position in the previous Government in the town of Vung Tau. Ten of her siblings only managed to escape Vietnam by boat by working for people smugglers because they couldn’t afford the trip. It describes the journey of a Vietnamese family who came to Australia as refugees and immigrants with limited education.

Ref. : Van Cam Quach, The Boat People. The real story behind a Vietnamese family settling in Australia, Van Publishing, 2011, 142 p.

Source : Book Sources Online

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