“Studying Republican Vietnam: Issues, Challenges, and Prospects” – Call for papers

[ndlr] Appel à communication sur l’étude du républicanisme vietnamien. Une initiative importante pour la compréhension de la déchirure vietnamienne et ses conséquences politiques sur le long terme.

The Center for Asian-Pacific Studies and the Asian Studies Program at the University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, are pleased to announce the CALL FOR PAPERS for a Workshop on “Studying Republican Vietnam: Issues, Challenges, and Prospects,” to be held on October 14-15, 2019 at the University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, USA.


Scholarly interest in the Republic of Vietnam (RVN) has surged in the last decade. Yet Republican Vietnam is a much broader subject, ranging from the spread of republican ideas to French Indochina at the turn of the century to the memories of the RVN among the diaspora and the resurgence of interests in republican values in Vietnam today, and everything in between. We invite paper proposals from US, international and Vietnam-based scholars to address the following questions and topics:

• Vietnamese republicanism: its character, history, evolution, current status, and historical relations to communism and monarchism
• The RVN’s life and legacies: political, security, economic, social, cultural, religious and educational institutions and policies under the RVN
• The experience of the RVN in nation-building and in the struggle for democratic rule and constitutional order compared with other postcolonial contexts
• The evolution of Republican ideas, leaderships, and institutions from the First Republic (1955-63) to the Interregnum (1963-67) to the Second Republic (1967-75)
• The significance of the Republican experience in Vietnamese history; lessons from that experience
• Parallels between the civil wars of 20th-century Vietnam and earlier civil wars in Vietnamese history
• Historiography of the RVN: in today’s Vietnam, in foreign scholarship, among the diaspora
• Anticommunism in Vietnam and among the diaspora abroad: its main themes and organizations; its relationship with republicanism
• The diaspora: political, economic, cultural, religious, and educational organizations; issues of trauma, memories, and identity
• The study of the RVN and Vietnamese republicanism: challenges and prospects

Please submit your paper proposals by March 1st, 2019 to Tuong Vu, Department of Political Science, University of Oregon, at: StudyingRepublicanVietnamConf@gmail.com. Authors whose proposals are selected will be notified by April 15th, 2019. A draft of proposed papers is due by August 15th.

Paper presenters will be provided with funds for travel and accommodation during the Workshop. For updates on the Workshop, please use this link: https://caps.uoregon.edu/2018/10/08/studying-republican-vietnam/. We expect to edit and publish workshop papers with a university press.

Tuong Vu
University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403

Image “à la une” : Enveloppe Premier jour “Le Viêt-Nam dans la lutte et la reconstruction”, 1966 © DR

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