The 10th “Engaging With Vietnam” conference – Ho Chi Minh City & Phan Thiet – December 15-21

[ndlr] Message des chercheurs Liam Kelley (University of Hawaii) et Phan Le Ha (Universiti Brunei Darussalam) sur VSG.

The 10th Engaging With Vietnam conference will be held in Ho Chi Minh City and Phan Thiet this December 15-21. September 30 is the deadline for submitting proposals to participate, so there is still time to submit and we are therefore sending this message as a reminder.

We would encourage anyone interested in participating/attending to visit the Engaging With Vietnam website for detailed information about the 10th conference:

As is always the case, this year’s conference is shaping up to be an exciting one, and it will have its share of surprises. The current list of invited speakers/discussants should give some sense of that:

Keynote Panels

This year, the 10th Engaging With Vietnam Conference will feature several keynote panels that delve into the questions and issues regarding dichotomies and dichotomization in knowledge and scholarship production specified above. These panels may include:

• Vietnam’s Participation in and Appropriation of Global-level Dominant Dichotomies: A Dialogue across Geography, Anthropology, and Education
• Milestone Events and their Associated Dichotomies Driving Knowledge Production in Contemporary Vietnam and the U.S: “Doi Moi” for Vietnam and “The Vietnam War” for the U.S
• Dichotomies Embedded in Traveling Policies, Reforms, Ideas, and Practices in Education, Tourism, and Sociology: Vietnam From Within and Afar
• The Historicization of “Us” and “Them” in Knowledge Production about Vietnam: Multiple Sets of Dichotomies in Focus
• Dichotomies in Development and Legal Studies: Vietnam and “the Other”

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