Vietnamese Political Prisoner Database

[ndlr]  Mise en ligne d’une base de données en prolongation d’un site dédié aux prisonniers d’opinion vietnamiens. Argumentaire ci-dessous.

The Vietnamese Political Prisoner Database is created and updated by The 88 Project as a tool for the advocacy for the release of political prisoners in Vietnam, as well as for the assistance of their families.

The database was launched in January 2018. It is the first database of political prisoners in Vietnam that is searchable and offers reliable and up-to-date statistics.

It allows users to search for prisoner profiles by name, year of arrest, charges, length of sentence, gender, religion, ethnicity, areas of activism, and current status. Users can use these criteria separately or in combination.

Users can also conveniently see the number of prisoners who are currently in pre-trial detention or serving a sentence, as well as the numbers of female and ethnic minorities prisoners. The statistics are automatically updated and what you see on the home page is the current numbers as of the date of the website visit.

The database also includes many detailed profiles of political prisoners that offer not only the basic information on the person and his/her arrest but also the information on the family situation and current detention, health conditions, and more.


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