Pierre Asselin : Vietnam’s American War – A History

[ndlr] Parution le 11 janvier 2018 du nouvel ouvrage de Pierre Asselin portant sur la conduite de la guerre vue de Hanoi.

Communist forces in the Vietnam War lost most battles and suffered disproportionally higher casualties than the United States and its allies throughout the conflict. The ground war in South Vietnam and the air war in the North were certainly important in shaping the fates of the victors and losers, but they alone fail to explain why Hanoi bested Washington in the end. To make sense of the Vietnam War, we must look beyond the war itself. In his new work, Pierre Asselin explains the formative experiences and worldview of the men who devised communist strategies and tactics during the conflict, and analyzes their rationale and impact. Drawing on two decades of research in Vietnam’s own archives, including classified policy statements and reports, Asselin expertly and straightforwardly relates the Vietnamese communist experience – and the reasons the war turned out the way it did.


‘An informative, impressive, and invaluable study of North Vietnam’s conduct of its war with the United States. A major contribution!’

George C. Herring – University of Kentucky

‘Finally a concise, penetrating, and insightful account of the Vietnam War as seen from the other side. Relying on a wealth of new Vietnamese sources, Pierre Asselin does what few have ever achieved: he has provided a highly readable general history of communist Vietnam’s “American War.’

Christopher Goscha – Université du Québec à Montréal

Pour une vue générale historiographique sur la guerre de 1945 à 1975, voir l’importante liste de références citées par Pierre Asselin sur le site de Cambridge UP :

As indicated in the Introduction, a vast number of books have been written about the Vietnam War. Their quality fluctuates greatly. Featured below are some of the better titles, arranged by topic.

Source : Cambridge University Press

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