Police brutally suppress demonstrations against Xi Jinping in Hanoi and Saigon [Dan Lam Bao]

[ndlr] Répression des manifestations vietnamiennes des 3, 4 et 5 novembre 2015 pour protester contre la visite du Président chinois à Hanoi. Le rapport et les vidéos mises en ligne du blog dissident Dan Lam Bao témoignent des méthodes policières brutales contre la manifestation organisée le jeudi 5 novembre au matin à Ho Chi Minh-Ville.

Responding to the call from 21 civil society organizations in Vietnam, the protests against Xi Jinping will take place at 9 a.m. today, November 05, 2015, at area of the embassy and consulate of China in Hanoi and Saigon respectively.

These demonstrations absolutely express the will of the people of Vietnam, saying no to the traditional northern invader.

As expected, Xi will officially arrive at Noi Bai airport at 12 p.m. the same day.

Unlike the response to two previous demonstrations in Hanoi and Saigon, brutal suppression on the morning of November 5, 2015 show signs that the communist authorities are doing their best to please their master in Beijing.

In Saigon, since last night, barbed wire and barricades have been brought in for preparing blockage at the intersections around the Chinese Consulate.

Police, secret service agents and regime-hired security guards have been reinforced in the morning of November 05, 2015.

Two groups of land grab victims from Ben Tre and Binh Thuan were suppressed by police while heading to the Chinese consulate. Thirteen of them were arrested near Saigon Zoo and taken away.

In Hanoi, it rains in the morning; regime-hired security guards, police and plainclothes security scatter around the streets leading to the Chinese Embassy.

Barricades with “No Standing” signs are erected at Lenin Park, opposite from the Chinese Embassy.

Blogger Nguyen Tien Nam was stopped at the corner of Le Duan Street for “checking motorbike registration” and detained.

Blogger Le Anh Hung was arrested while standing in front of the Chinese embassy, waiting to “greet” Xi and his puppet host.

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Manifestations du 4 novembre à Ho Chi Minh-Ville (Saigon) et à Hanoi :

Manifestation du 5 novembre à Ho Chi Minh-Ville (Saigon) :

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