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Sophie Quinn-Judge : The Third Force in the Vietnam War: The Elusive Search for Peace 1954-75 [parution]

[ndlr] Avis de parution d’une nouvelle étude l’historienne Sophie Quinn-Judge. Présentation de l’éditeur.

It was the conflict that shocked America and the world, but the struggle for peace is central to the history of the Vietnam War. Rejecting the idea that war between Hanoi and the US was inevitable, the author traces North Vietnam’s programs for a peaceful reunification of their nation from the 1954 Geneva negotiations up to the final collapse of the Saigon government in 1975. She also examines the ways that groups and personalities in South Vietnam responded by crafting their own peace proposals, in the hope that the Vietnamese people could solve their disagreements by engaging in talks without outside interference. While most of the writing on peacemaking during the Vietnam War concerns high-level international diplomacy, Sophie Quinn-Judge reminds us of the courageous efforts of southern Vietnamese, including Buddhists, Catholics, students and citizens, to escape the unprecedented destruction that the US war brought to their people. The author contends that US policymakers showed little regard for the attitudes of the South Vietnamese population when they took over the war effort in 1964 and sent in their own troops to fight it in 1965.

A unique contribution of this study is the interweaving of developments in South Vietnamese politics with changes in the balance of power in Hanoi; both of the Vietnamese combatants are shown to evolve towards greater rigidity as the war progresses, while the US grows increasingly committed to President Thieu in Saigon, after the election of Richard Nixon. Not even the signing of the 1973 Paris Peace Agreement could blunt US support for Thieu and his obstruction of the peace process. The result was a difficult peace in 1975, achieved by military might rather than reconciliation, and a new realization of the limits of American foreign policy.

Sophie Quinn-Judge is the Associate Director of the Centre for Vietnamese History at Temple University. She was for many years a South East Asia correspondent for the Far Eastern Economic Review and for The Guardian. One of the foremost scholars of the Vietnam War, she taught for many years at the LSE and SOAS.

Ref. : Quinn-Judge, Sophie, The Third Force in the Vietnam War: The Elusive Search for Peace 1954-75, London, I.B.Tauris & Co Ltd, 2017, 336 p. ISBN: 9781784535971

Source : I.B.Tauris


Trois conférences de Sophie Quinn-Judge sur le Viêt-Nam à l’Université Paris Diderot – Paris 7

L’historienne Sophie Quinn-Judge (Temple University, Philadelphie) donnera trois conférences à l’Université Paris Diderot – Paris 7 au mois de mars 2014. A ne pas manquer.


Auteure de Ho Chi Minh: The Missing Years (1919-1941), Berkeley, University of California Press (2001).

Professeure invitée à Paris Diderot

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  • Le vendredi 7 mars 2014 de 14h à 16h en salle 127 – Bâtiment Olympe de Gouges

Women in the early Vietnamese communist movement: Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Her Unexamined Legacy

  • Le mardi 11 mars 2014 de 14h à 16h en salle 1019 – Bâtiment Sophie Germain

Histoire du communisme vietnamien: sources et méthodes

  • Le vendredi 14 mars 2014 de 10h à 12h en salle 204 – Bâtiment Olympe de Gouges

International Influences on the Vietnamese Communist Movement: from Moscow and Paris to Shanghai and Singapore

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Ces conférences sont organisées dans le cadre des séminaires de Master Histoire de l’Asie (Claire Trân Thi Liên) et Relations internationales contemporaines (Sophie Coeuré) et en association avec les laboratoires Cessma et ICT.

Lieu: Université Paris Diderot – Paris 7, Bâtiment Olympe de Gouges et Bâtiment Sophie Germain

Rue Albert Einstein, Paris 13e.

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